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Thursday the 16th of October 2008
K, so I'm browser-ing the internees, nothing special, when something occurs to me.

Remember Penny, from Inspector Gadget? I think they should bring her back in her own show, and here's why: Can you give me an earlier example of a hacker in cartoons before Penny? Seriously, this girl was so net-savvy-before-the-internet that she had her OWN LAPTOP COMPUTER-BEFORE-LAPTOPS! She was constantly hacking into machines and breaking codes and figuring things out on the side line. Despite being technically a side character to her wacky uncle, Mr. McGoo, she was on the ball and sneaker-deep in technology that eventual paved the way to the modern information super highway.

Imagine Penny, now, as a teen. She gets home from school and pulls off her jean jacket revealing a Diggnation shirt underneath and tosses the coat onto the couch as she makes her way to her bedroom with the Lain wall-scroll. Flicking her button nose she sits in front of her Optimus Maximus Keyboard, flicks a computer out of sleep mode, and hammers out the last lines of MASM and compiles over the next half hour. The programs purpose? A virus that auto install on 5,000 government zombie computer to power DOS attack Dr. Claws homepage, the fucker. All the while, she's multitasking, as she's set up a satellite Cam aimed on Brain's collar to help keep track of aging Uncle Gadget. Half thinking about it, she turns to another of her many computers and hits enter, causing a security lock-down and keeping twelve angry guard from gunning down the good Inspector. Brain breaths a sigh of relief over the com and Penny gets up and grabs her custom iPhone with the home-brewed Linux OS. Rolling her eyes she says “Time to rescue Uncle Gadget...again.”

Her pig tail barely brushes the doorway on her way out, stopping only to grab a blue tooth ear piece. “Brain, where are you?”

Fuck yeah, man. Fuck yeah.

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