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Tuesday the 14th of October 2008
Beer is probably as old as man. Ales and Lagers stretch far throughout the history of the human race from the Egyptian Empire to Japan to the Mayans, and on and on and on. Humanity has enjoyed a heavy head or stein of pale, a cool can of bud, Miller in long neck, and the occasional Babylonian saucer of honey-ale. In history, it was very much a woman's job to brew, and later a mans, then anyone at all. Now a days, almost anyone with the will and interest can brew their own personal beverage.

So WHY in Gods name, can I not find a Beer that doesn't taste like diarrhea? In America, it seems, there's more water in the shit than shit and I've tried foreign Import shit (which is better, I guess), but I can't help but notice that all this shit still tastes like SHIT!

Hey, you drink beer, right? Why? What am I missing? What's so great about it?

Now, to be fair, I'm not talking Cider here; I love cider. I don't mean wine or Rum, both of which rock my world. I don't mean whiskey or absenth, Martinis, Vodka, or delicious delicious Saki. I mean Beer. The eldest drink. It sucks. I mean it. Make it stop sucking.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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