The Mike Says...
Thursday the 9th of October 2008
So, I'm eye-ing the clock right now, while “Big Truck” by Coal Chamber is humming a honkytonk tune in my ear when I remember how much life tends to get in the way of living. I mean, I recall with great clarity those moments when I could fit inside a pantry cupboard and hide fore hours without anyone know ing I was secretly building a time machine with my plans to meet the Doctor. The age when I was able to steal my mother's wedding ring and give it to my then-girlfriend with out any major repercussions cuz' I was a stupid kid.

Now, the budget has to be sorted so my land lady won't spill us out into the streets, and yet I still ask myself what happened? It's a dumb and cliché question. My tootsie-rolls have been replaced with Mike's Lemonade and my coloring books with empty professional sketch books, for use during break time between tire throwing at the factory.

At least I have my own Manor to lurk in. LURK MOUR!

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