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Wednesday the 1st of October 2008
God, the U.S. is young. I mean, jeez, guys, we've only been around for 200+ years, we're teenagers of the empire world. So, we shouldn't be surprised when some idiot takes over and starts belly upping and destroying our foreign relations, our economy, and our way of life like we're the only ones that have ever gone through this. Look at Brittan, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, or always current, China. The elder countries are prolly looking at America going “Yep, that sucks.” with fond remembrance of their own unsettle history.

My point is, we're still in growing pains. The foundations of America are still pretty strong thanks to the mercifully timeless ideals of freedom and what that means(interpretations aside). Stop freaking out and barking about it. If you're gonna do something about it, then do it and stop interrupting my reading in the break room or yelling at my face when I'd rather ignore reality in piece, cuz honestly, I'm just here to ride whatever wave history throws at me. You have a pen, write to your congress person, you have a vote, vote for a third party, you have a gun, start a revolution. Ugh, just stop crying over it like a terrible two's toddler, you baby.

Oh yeah, and I've sort of started updating again. Hi. How are you?

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