The Mike Says...
Saturday the 26th of July 2008
It's difficult to explain how great the feeling is when you're trying to get a computer to do something for you for a week, and suddenly, you just make it work. Very hard to explain.

Well, that's exactly what happened. The above pic may not look like much, but trust me, getting the code to fit so that there are jump through platforms that work perfectly, and doing it the way I want to, not copying from someone else's script, is a great feeling indeed.

But that's all I achieved in the last week with the game. Part of it was the strangely newfound stress of commissions, and the other part is feeling like crap (food poisoning?). I may have also made a mistake in getting involved in the Sims. Hmmm...Either way, there are a lot more distractions than not. We will see, I guess.

Peace ouch.

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