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Thursday the 17th of July 2008
K, here's the deal. When I was a young man, I made games with two programs. I made point and Click adventures in Hyperscript (for HyperCard, I said I was young) and I made platform games on the C=64 on A.G.C.K. (Arcade Game Construction Kit). Anywho, it's one of the reasons I got into computers. I had no idea I'd one day be drawing on the computer...That's a lie. I also made animations in Macromedia Director. um...I was a busy kid.

So, the other day, I look into a program called Game Maker 7.0. I looked it over and said, “Hey, I wanna make a game, too!”'m making a Natch Evil game.

Right now, I'm still fussing with the engine. Jump up, fall down, don't fall through floors, that sort of thing. My hope is to make at least three games. This one is Episode One of Natchian Tales, and the screen shots above show only my playing around with the programing. There's still a lot to do, and I want to redo ALL the animation for Devil Grim up there.

More on my progress next week, yo.
Peace Ouch.

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