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Wednesday the 18th of June 2008
Electric Wednesdays. I sadly leave my mini-vacation for the grindtastic adventure of daily monotony and foot-pain. Tire-throwing is about as glamorous as dental work and I ponder what alchemy of setting and mood would manifest a better comic for you all.

I'm sporatic as is, and even the slothful boredom of employment isn't inspiring pencil to page as it once had. Probably because I've taken to listening to Jim Dale read the exploits of the boy-wonder with a lightning-shaped scar on his head. Audio books pass the day faster, but stunt my creativity. Alas.

Well, It's back to the scetchbook for me. With luck, I'll be able to get a new computer with in the month and do real arting. With luck. I've already recovered my old hard drive with my previous work on it, so the forum's 6 month snow marathon will at least come to a final end. Hmmm...

Peace ouch, y'all.

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