The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 11th of June 2008
The most beautiful Poet in the world, plus extra neat 12 hour days, plus Gran Turismo. Mix these three things and you're sure to keep Mike from updating his site. Oh, sure, he can draw, just not update.

It's time you all learned the horrible truth. I hate inking with an actual ink pen. It's gloppy and messy and I can never find the right pen. This'll be the last page you see with said penning. Bleh. I can pencil OK and stuff, and when I get things scanned into the computer, I can do nifty art-ing, but not on this computer which, BTW, isn't even mine so it's sort of borrowed time kind of deal, thingy, dohickey, whatchamacallit, squire-swisher. Point is, I'm not going to horrify you with more inking after this.

Man, when was the last time you saw angel and Devil Saffron on her shoulder? Was that back in the Versus story? Man.

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