The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 28th of May 2008
I offer no excuses for my absence and inactivity of the comicing and artness. There may have been some spotty internets on my providers end. There may have been some difficulties getting the scanner to work. There may have been a beautiful buxom babe babbling sweet nothings in my ear. Ultimately, I've just been neglectful.

But let us put all that behind us. I've got quite the backlog of quite the story involving Saff-Saff and her adventures while I work out a way to get new computerness for arting up fine looking graphics. Also, I'd like to move toward a more Comic Book like atmosphere in the Natch Evil universe.

Why the comic page approach, you ask? Because I want a Natch Evil comic book, damn it! Not, like, a billion printings, but just, like, a 100 book run of Saff in all her odd psychosis.

Damn it,s hot.

So, here's a little story I call “Meat Grinder: A Love Story” Enjoy.

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