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Monday the 5th of May 2008
Today, a couple of guys at work were trying to convert me by saying the following:
I can convince you o follow God in one minute. Hold your hand over a lighter. Now imagine Hell being seven times worse and all over your body.

To which I responded:
K, I don't respond well to Gun-To-Your-Head ultimatums, and I refuse to worship someone who would choose to let such a place exist.

I wish I could say that shut them up, but you know religious types. They're always right, even when they're wrong. I did kindly explain that I am me and I live on my terms, and if some evil bastard would have me burn in Hell for helping people in my way and not his, then I would proudly burn away. Fuck their God, I'm happy with who I am and could give a shit what they think.

In fact, aren't they sort of loosing faith in the wisdom of their God? I mean, if God truly was wise, then he wouldn't care if you believed in him or not, as long as you were a good person and did good things. And for Christ sake, he would SURELY have another place created, if there wasn't enough room in Heaven. Hell is just a third of Heaven, and there seems to be plenty of room in the burning pits for me, there must also be enough room for you, too, you pompous arrogant religious fuck-holes. Stop pushing your God on me, I'm happy with the one I have.

K, now that I got that out of the way, next up will be a little sketch comic, later in the week. Seems I can't stop drawing. Believe it or not, I actually DO have about three pages of Saff's comic drawn, and it will look as ugly as sin since I can't clean it up the way I want to. Still need a new computer...and a new E-mail thingy...And some soup. Oooo...Poet Soup...

Peace ouch, you Jesus Nuts, you.

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