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Tuesday the 29th of April 2008
Well, well, well. It would seem I'm back in action, now that the code monkey E-Monster has the page up and running. Still a little dusty here and there, and you may notice strange things like missing pictures, or the new Chapter mode of viewing (makes for reading the story chapter by chapter, with out all that mucking about with intermissions and such,, but I think you'll enjoy what's to come.

Now, thing's will be a little slow and weird with production, what with my last computer dying, and the love of my life moving into my humble abode, near the constant wine of trains, plains, and automobiles. Because of the lack of decent computer, I'm resorting to doing everything on Laptop, and while I love my Poet and her twin laptops, the only one able to run a proper paint program, like photoshop, also runs Vista. Trivia: Vista means “a view” which is hilarious, considering Vista always takes the scenic route to every program. If you run Vista, best have a book to read on hand while it loads any programs or games you want to play with.

Let's see where this takes us, yes? The Tax rebates are starting to roll in, and maybe I can use mine to buy a new computer for Natch awesomeness.

One last thing. I'm going to Cape-Con, it seems, in Dallas this weekend. I'll be the big mexican in the Hawaiian shirt over a Devil Joy shirt. No, I don't have a booth, and yes, I DO want to run into a fan there. That would be awesome.

Peace ouch, again, my friends.

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