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Wednesday the 12th of September 2007
The house of Sapphire and Blood is Dead. Long live the House.

The House of Sapphire and Blood was opens on February First, 2005. Itís original intent was to be a place my friends could post on and generally to have fun. After the few testers of the forum posted, the first Natch Evil fan (someone I didnít know) who joined was Psychotic Duckling, the official mascot of the forum. From then on, we had quite a few personalities come and go, the most special of which stayed.

Through the House, I met JetBlack, Goss, Spectre, Bathory, Danarchy, Lost, Seedlet, Alejkhan, Tigress, Syppy, Poisonshine, Whiterabbit, Fuji, Ninja, and so many more who stuck around till the forumís end.

Weíve had Body Hunts, shared random pictures (oh so many pictures), see each otherís faces, told each other what was happening ďRight Now,Ē killed each other over and over again, and generally embraced one another for who we are. The House was a macabre sanctuary for outcasts, sickos, and just people I love. And, for some reason, there was always a slight BDSM undertone, wasnít there?

Now, apparently, the database for the House got so corrupted that we canít save it, and I was so stupid not to back it up every month, like I was supposed to. Crap.

The House maybe fallen, but weíll remember it. Now what?

Iíll tell you what. Weíre recovering. Weíre rebuilding. Emon and I are planning and plotting and scheming a new house, home to Natchian kind. I want something better, and so should you. I want a unique home for you, my few and faithful. Something you can be proud of. Something special. And weíll have it, by Mandraís glow. Expect it by Natchian Spiral Day (October Thirteenth). Itís coming and itís gonna be awesome.

I hope.

In the mean time, if you need to contact me, my yahoo mail is grimwittheclown at the My YIM and AIM name is the same, too. Donít know if Iíll be online or not, but being the socially starved dude I am, itís more likely without the forum. Donít worry. Itís coming.

Peace ouch, my fair Natchians.

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