The Mike Says...
Friday the 7th of September 2007
Yeah, Okay, so the Forum is undergoing a pretty rough storm, right now. The House that Natch Evil built, tho small, you may find does not work at all, and the battles written on the wall have begun to fall. Emon, our resident code monkey, is currentsly, and charitably, working on the trouble at hand. Apearently thereís trouble with the old DB.

Maybe itís time to move to a different Host?

Meantime, the comic, tho still being inked and such, is actually several pages ahead of schedual. Finding time between dying after my back to back twelve hour shifts and pulling together my finances for my Comic Shop project is a difficulty. Oddly, the things that have been pulling me through are both the History of the Byzantine Rulers and an audio version of World War Z.

Fan art on the way, but I donít think my lovely fan wishes me to post it yet, so I wonít.

Peace ouch, yo.

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