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Friday the 31st of August 2007
Another fine day, ladies and Gentlemen. The winner of the First Ever Body Hunt Face Off Elimination Challenge, BTW, was Saffron. It doesn’t sound all that surprising, except the last battle there against Lemon, her sister, was pretty close. I was afraid Lemon might actually win, and if Skoll were present in the last round, she would have. Sorry, Skoll.

For the rest of you that haven’t been keeping track, sorry. The forum IS the other half of the Natchian Experience (N.E. for short), after all. Not sure when the next Body Hunt will happen. Gotta figure out who to pit against each other again. Hmmm…

Anyway, to all you natchians that voted, RMF, Goss, Poisonshine, Lacuna, Ninja, Ti Ti, and so on, thanks. It was really fun and I’m defiantly planning a second match.

Stay tuned, Ya’ll. Peace.

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