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Wednesday the 1st of August 2007
I just saw 300. Holy crap, man. It was awesome. I know, Iím a little late, but I dispise most local theatres as they are little more than widescreen TVs with expensive snacks on the side. In fact, the last couple of days have been full of Movies and Win.

First, we started with First Blood, a movie so awesome it defies all other cinema kind. If you have never seen the first Rambo movie, you must impale yourself on your DVD-player this instant.

Donít read this, go get to impaling.

All you survivers should go watch High Tension. It may smack of Intensity (Dean Koonz). Good old fasion slasher flick with modern day effects. The Buzz-Saw attack was great.

A final message from the Grim-mister under this special Fan Comic provided by the lovely Seedlet and her art skillz. ď*Chan, calm down. No one watches AotS anyway, so stop worrying.Ē

Welp, I think that about covers it. Thanks Seedlet for the pixels. More Fan Comics on the way.

Peace Ouch.

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