The Mike Says...
Monday the 9th of July 2007
Gah, fingers hurt from weed eating…

So, how are you folks? Do’n fine? Got a job? That’s great. Now DIE!!!
*get ahold of self*

I’m sorry. Life’s been interesting this weekend. Fretting about jobs and joblessness mixed with the thrill of obliterating a watermelon into uncountable pieces, firecrackers, new comic, new folks on the forum, and burning hands from too much weed eating. I swear, those weeds are watching me…even now…can’t you hear them? WHY CAN’T YOU HEAR THEM!?!? DIIEEEE!!!!

*snaps out of it*

Ugh. Where was I? Oh yeah. Goss Goss tries her hand at more artness. I will now present it to you with my shaking hands. Wheee!

Isn’t it cool? Don’t you jjjust love ittt?,,,,,,,,

Oh god, I can’t stop my handsssssssssssssss fromm

The buzzing…
The buzzziinnnggg…..

The buzzzzzz…..


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