The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 4th of July 2007
So, first comic in, like, a week or something. I really hate working on these comics off and on like this. It bugs me. I really like just sitting down and working on the comics and spitting it out in the three hours each one takes.

Bleh. Damn work is messing with me. Iím on a daily rotating schedule. That means I find out what day Iím working on the day I work. That means my rhythm for anything, comic or otherwise, is totally busted up. Ugh. Iím not long for this job.

So, anyway, a long time back, I promised to post these new fan arts from the cuddle-able Goss Goss. She may not notice it, but her artwork is improving. ^_^

Iím out. I actually have to work until 7:00 in the morning RIGHT NOW!

Wish me luck.

P.S. Happy 4th!

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