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Sunday the 24th of June 2007
Wow, you have NO idea how crazy this week has been. Ive been working on this comic off and on for the last week, and not due to lack of interest. Alas, the comic, I think shes suffered.

First off, Im a wage slave whos really around as reliefe to two separate stores, both needing late hours, so Ive have to rearrange my days and nights a few times. In the last week, there have been three occations requiring me to stay awake 24+ hours. Delirious from lack of sleep, at the home, Ive been a makeshift home repair worker. God damn.

As I write this, for example, Im getting ready to head to yet another 10 hour shift. These irregular hours are causing weird bits of insomnia andwell, life is just sort of sucking right now. Bleh.

Any case, I have fan art from the lovly kitty girl Goss Goss, but I dont have time to upload it right now. Its next on my list of To Dos, then I finish off Part Two of Rymah and Iden.

Sleep well for me, you crazy fans out there.

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