The Mike Says...
Friday the 15th of June 2007
Drinking Tang, thinking, ďDang, I gots a lot of comics under my belt. Why so slow on the upload?Ē It finally occurred to me this week. No, I mean it actually set in. Iíve gotten slothful. Itís honestly not even just the comics, although, thatís a big part of it. Itís everything.

Meh, not that it effects you guys too much. Just means I need to kick something into gear. Wish I knew what.

The Job at the Gas station is goingÖumÖslow and badly. Iím always afraid Iím gonna get fired, which would be a bad thing, but I think theyíre gonna claim I stole from them. Just what Iím thinking. Doesnít matter much, cuz they hardly ever give me any hours to work. Iím currently looking for a real job. This ďMaybe I work Maybe I donítĒ shit has gotta stop.

Otherwise, doiní pretty good here in Varkmore. Good friends. Good Food. Good timesÖfor now.

Iím outta here. If youíre lucky, you may get a new comic next week.

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