The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 6th of June 2007
Wow, so much has happened since my last update. To give you an idea, I actually started drawing this comic back on last Wednesday.

Since then, I got a new job at a gas station, which required me to juggle my days and nights around. This meant I had to, at times, force myself to sleep longer than I actually wanted to so I could manage the 11pm to 7am shift. Crazy.

Then, without much warning, I got the most horrible sinus disease ever that made castration seem like a back massage. Ugh. Iím still sick, technically, but I have to go to work today.

Generally, life kind of sucks right now, but I still got a broken forum to vent on, and Iím becoming aware of web-comics that are better than mine, so that helps pass the time. Maybe next time, Iíll tell you what they are.

Thanks for reading, despite it all. Peace out.

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