The Mike Says...
Thursday the 17th of May 2007
It should be noted that most of this comic was made to Blind Divineís Music for Unmade Movies. Oddly, it fit perfectly to the mentality of Saffron. Damns, I love me that music. It almost fels like the perfect Natch Evil OST.

So, anyway, hereís an update on my job situation. Firstly, Iím a moron. Know how I know? Lets start with the fact that I didnít kill my old bank account and now itís, like, a hundred bucks in the hole. Crap. The good news is this site is running for another six months, at least. No job yet to fill that, but the two weeks at 1-800-HELL will help fill that out.

Meanwhile, it looks like Iím prolly gonna work at a convenience store. Never worked there before. Guess Iíll see.

Next comic come on Tuesday

Onward to freedom!!!

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