The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 9th of May 2007
Tomorrow, and for the next 5 days, Iím going to be working a 12 hour shift. Yahoo! UmÖthat was sarcasm. What it means is that Iím not going to have a lot of time to draw Natch on Friday. Bleh. Iím thinking of posting a place holder. HmmmÖWell, weíll see.

I havenít pulled off a 12 hour day since I worked at Subway. Iím not entirely sure how Iíll react. I may quit, being unable to withstand the strain of bordem. Well, Iíll keep you informed. See you Friday, no matter what else happens.

Oh yeah, and chances are, you wonít see me on the forum. Sorry, guys. Iím more busy than Iíve been in the long long time. L8Rs.

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