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Monday the 7th of May 2007
K, guys. I went to the Cape “convention” in front of Zeus comics in Dallas. I’ll be honest, I went because the comics were cheap and Chuck, my future partner in the comic biz, wanted me to go. I’m glad I did.

I honestly didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t check online or anything. So, I was surprised to meet Lea Hernandez, the almost chibi-like wonder that draws such classics as Rumble Girls, Cathedral Child, Killer Princess, and so on. Wow, that’s when I did something I thought I’d never do.

I turned into a total dork.

She’s talking to me. Lea Hernandez is. This is a woman who draws comics I read and admire. This is one of those people I wanted to be back when I started Natch Evil. She’s talking to me about the sequel to Rumble Girls. I try to be my charming self and not freak out too much. Then she starts saying “Remember so and so and such and such? That’s going to show up in the new comic.” That’s when I realized the horrible truth. I was so star-struck with this tiny woman sewing cute cactus-rabbits that I forgot everything I’ve ever read of hers. Every page. I was a blank. All I could do was play along and try not to let her in on my horribly embarrassing secret that I had no idea what the hell she was talking about any more. In fact the gibberish coming out of her mouth didn’t make since until I was well on my way back to Varkmore Oklahomaphobic.

I’m such a nerd. Small change, tho, compared to what happened next.

I could list to you the reasons I really got into comics, and they would be many. The artwork, however, the I worship the most, and attribute the most to this love I have of comics in general is that of David Mack’s. So when I actually saw David Mack at one of the tables, I completely lost my cool.

The dude in front of me empties the 2 mile void between me and Mack. He looked at me and said “Hey.” To which I replied “YOU ARE A GAAAAWDDD!!!” Long before I left Springhill, I stopped ordering comics to gather up enough dough to move to Varkmore. My shame, since that’s when I found out Mack’s been working on Kabuki: Alchemy. Now, I have Alchemy ish.1 and 2 and they’re signed by my idol David Mack. I couldn’t stick around him for long, tho. I knew it was any moment before I did something so geeky I would go down in history as the black hole of “cool.”

So that’s about it, yo. Dunno if I saw you there, which is prolly good since I was acting geekier than I thought was possible. Anywho, hope you had as much fun as I did.


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