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Friday the 20th of April 2007
Obviously, given that Seras has identified himself as the anti-Christ, I would have to fit religion in here somewhere. I donít think God and Satan are very important where Saffronís story is concerned, but of course they exist in the Natch Evil world. Oddly, Jill has the same faith structure as Laura, if you can call it faith.

Can you have faith in something that you know to exist? HmmmÖ

As long as weíre on the subject, I have my own personal faith which is the belief that everyone is wrong about what is beyond this world of ours, including Atheists, Buddhists, and myself (in other words, Iím wrong about everyone being wrong, but everyone else is wrong too). I call it the Grand Lie.

Before you hunt down my e-mail and start a discussion, keep this in mind: Youíre wrong. >_> So am I for that mater, but mainly you. Nope, doesnít matter, dude. Youíre just wrong. Thatís how the grand lie works. Itís real beauty of the Grand Lie is the shift of burden of proof. I figure with so many beliefs out there, chances are that none of them are right. But if all beliefs are wrong, as is my belief, them my belief is wrong too.

K, Iím off to find a job now. WHEEE!!!
Peace ouch, yo.

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