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Tuesday the 20th of March 2007
Good freakín night, dudes and dudets. My place is a complete mess, but not nearly as much a mess as the plan to actually move. Whatís really messed up is, Iím unemployed. Thatís right, I gots no job, cuzÖwell, let me start at the top.

You guys know Iím eventually starting a comic shop, right? Well, thatís happening in Varkmore Oklahoma. So Iím moving from Springhill, a town Iíve lived in for 18 years, to Varkmore. The trouble is, the guys who are helping me made all these assumptions about whatís happening so our plan wasÖumÖwell messy. At the same time, Iíve put in an application to a business in Varkmore, but they want me to fill our their own special application in front of them on the day Iím moving. So, Iím worried that I wonít be moved in time.

After Thursday, the day from hell, is done, I get to help my friends move into the same place Iím moving (itís their pad, after all), and then clean their old placeÖBasically, it doesnít look like Iím going to be drawing for a while is what Iím getting at.

Whatís weird is, even tho I have no job, it doesnít look like Iím going to be able to rest for quite some time, which sucks cuz I donít know if Iíll even get this weekend off or anything. Isnít the point of being jobless NOT WORKING?!?! So, bleh.

Well, you take the good, the bad, them all, and there you have the facts of life. Sit, Booboo, sit. Good dog.

Guys, Iím outta here. Iíll see you when I see you.

Peace ouch, until then.

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