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Wednesday the 14th of March 2007
My god, man. I read a lot of Digg at work and such, cuz Iím bored some of the time, but I never saw Diggnation (which is weird, right?) and Damn. Iím completely hooked. Itís kind of sad, really.

I donít know what it is, exactly, but I suspect that itís the fact that, basically, these two charismatic geeks are reporting the most interesting news while progresivly getting drunker and drunker.

There is something to be said about beer, even if it IS nasty-ass water. >_> Iíll take the scotch, but I digg watching the drunks. Especially on Diggnation.

K, Iím done promoting. Enjoy youíre comic (second one in one week! Woah! Iím all speedy and stuff).

Peace ouch, yo.

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