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Monday the 12th of March 2007
K, First off, this was totally my bad. For the last week or so, Archangelinaís pic was broken. I put the wrong extension on the end. Damn. Let me fix that now.

It was one of the more awesome artnesses that I got in the last undeserving month or so for fan art.

Lifeís been pretty interesting lately, what with the move and all. Put in my 9 Day Notice at work. Iím checking out, by see ya, and all that rot. Got me thinking, Damn. I remember when I first started this job and all I wanted to do was the comic. Natch was my life. Itís all I could think of. When friends struck up a conversation, I would always lead it back to the comic.

So here I am, a sitín pretty. Got diggnation on the speakers speaking witty, drunken tales of their news committee and remembering my time well spent on Natch. God I miss the moments when Iíd go back and read the comic thinking how awesome it was. Some of it I still feel that way. Unstructured right now, but I doubt very much if Iíll truly stop it.

Wonder why I havenít been updating as naturally as usual. HmmmÖWell, I guess man was not meant to know. The slipping ratings from TWC and Buzzcomix doesnít really bother me. As the saying goes, ďI am sought of them that ask not for me. I am found of them that sought me not. These are a smoke in my nose.Ē I do miss the progress in the story, tho.

K, Iím wandering off now. L8Rs.

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