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Saturday the 20th of January 2007
Been a rough week with all the ice down here. Makes my job harder at work. Bleh. When I came home last night, I ate and fell over. No drawing, no nothing.

…but…Well, today I watched a Scanner Darkly and wow. I was inspired and drew some…interesting things. Anywho, the drawing rolled into today’s comic. Mmmm…Bloody. I miss all the bloody messes. Maybe there should be more blood, eh? Nah, Little Saff wouldn’t just go around killing. I’d mess up continuity doing that. Oh well.

So, hi. How are you? Really? Did you get Fan art too? You didn’t? HA. Loser. Now check this shiz-nick OUT, Baby!

Seedlet first!

Now check these shirts out that Goss Goss did for IMVU. Nifty.

Here’s a nifty pic by Necro of Devil and Angel Slash.

Now What the Hell? I know I got art from DJKID before, but for some reason this is the first one I’ve posted of hers. Hum. Oh well.

Finaly, TEH NINJA!

K, I’m off to rock out to the sound Track of Avenue Q.
Peace Ouch, yo!

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