The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 3rd of January 2007
Woot! First comic of the yearand hopefully the first of at least 130 this year. Im planning to do at least 130 comics in Natch Evil this year, averaging 2.5 comics a week. Can I do it? Well, if history teaches us anything its that when I set out for a goal, I miss my mark pretty badly.

Other new things this yearA new website overhaul, an easier to see Donate button, Im growing a mustache, a new town to live in, a new job to suck at, three real life comic books by me, all fine fine things to be depressed about later!

YAY! Depression! It feels like the world is ending, but my art, she will flourish! Now if youll excuse me, Im going to the bathroom to throw up.

Peace out, dudes and dudets.

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