The Mike Says...
Thursday the 30th of November 2006
Itís a Snow day, and Iím stuck. So, what do I do? I draw, but not Natch Evil. Iím drawing a comic called ďA Funny Little World.Ē I wonder how well itíll go.

No, Iím not stopping Natch Evil. You can stop emailing me about it, andÖthank you for emailing me about it.

I donít know WHATíLL happen to the update schedule, but I know Iím gonna keep it rolling for a couple of years more. <_< You know, I could just stop the Ego Trip comic now and start with the rest of Rhymah and Iden. HmmmÖ

Well, until then, Iím going to play around with the other comic. I like the psycho bunny, anyway.

Peace out, yo.

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