The Mike Says...
Monday the 27th of November 2006
Itís kind of odd to say, but I honestly learned something from this story arch. Unfortunately, thereís no way I can explain it. Itís wordless. All I can tell you is I have to care about the comic to want to draw it, which sounds so obvious it should be stupid. Still, for such an obvious point, I still forgot it. I mean it.

Words are cheap. Actions arenít. You go on and tell yourself youíll improve, or that you know what you need to do next. Hell, you get mad at people for giving you advice that youíve heard over and over, and you know itís right. You know itís what youíre supposed to do and how youíre supposed to think and morals you already know.

Now, how many of them have you actually done? What if thereís a way your supposed to feel about something? You canít force the way you feel, can you?

So you donít do it. You know youíre supposed to, but you donít, and you donít know why.

Anyway. Itís a tough lesson. And I now understand why it never works when I write a comic arch ahead of schedule before I draw it. Cuzí itís not what Iím feeling when I draw it, itís what Iím feeling before I drew it, so it means nothing.

And now, I how I should do what I know I should do.

Letís see if this works.
Keep your fingerís crosses.

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