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Monday the 20th of November 2006
Fan art Time!

Part one, PinkPuppies666
Pink sent me this fan art quite a while back. Thanks pinky!!! Good luck with your new webcomic!

Part 2, the Revenge of Seedlet.
Evil Seedlet has now become the one who has sent me the most Fan art. Would you believe she’s sent me so much stuff that I’ve lost some of it? Shows you what a rotten fan art keeper I am. Oh god, don’t stop sending me Fan art.

Part 3, Attack of the Jabberwocky
I just know I spelled that wrong. Anyway, new art from a fan. Please note the Question Mark on Saff’s Shirt. I believe on her shirt the Question Mark is upside down. Oh well.


If you want a “Recriational Evisceration is MY Anit-Drug shirt, get it now. I’m sick of looking at it. In about a week’s time, I will remove it from my CafePress Shop as well as all the Natchian Spiral gear. Incase you don’t know the site, it’s

Peace Ouch, Yo.

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