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Thursday the 16th of November 2006
K, this is where things are gonna get word heavy.

Next chance I get to actually do Comics (Like this weekend) I believe I shall entertain you all with some Fan-art that has been backing up for quite some time. MíyesÖ

Oh, and a Fan wants me to give a big shout out to the ever lovely Victoria who draws Jump and Lola, two comics you should be reading anyway. Well? START READING!

So, anywho, who knows what soon may come? UmÖthat would be me. Iíve been working out the rest of the Rhymah and Iden story in my head, trying to knit it together tighter and tighter. Thinking about writing it up like a Play or something, but thatís not really the Natch Evil Style. Usually, Iím making crap up as I follow along a preset overview. Should be interesting, anyway.

And LOOOOONG. The Rest of the Rhymah and Iden story is HUGE, compared to any other story Iíve done. Itís because itís a story about Lilí Saff as well as Jill and Nero. And both stories are pretty long, too. Still got some knitting to do before itís finished. Until then, letís see if I can finish this comic in a Timely manner.

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