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Friday the 3rd of November 2006
Every Shadow show in 31 seconds.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows.

The Shadow is in reality Lamont Cramston, wealthy man about town. There’s been a murder! Cramston’s on the case. Police are stumped, but luckily the Shadow has found and is interrogating either the murderer or witness (in this case the witness). The witness says “The murderer is…” BLAM! Someone has shot/stab/strangled/or otherwise killed the witness, but thankfully the his death has given the shadow the final clue! Margot Lane is thrust into a perilous situation where she will die, but the shadow uses his power to cloud men’s minds to rescue her and Kill/Arrest the murderer.

The Weed of crime bares bitter fruit. The Shadow knows. MWA HA HA!!!

There! I’ve saved you hours and hours of listening to the same formulaic radio show. So, despite that I know exactly what’s going to happen, why can’t I stop listening to it?

Ah well. Here’s a link to me reading the script above. I dare you to beat my time. If you can, just try and send me you’re recording. I dare ya!

Peace Ouch, Signed Grimwit

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