The Mike Says...
Friday the 27th of October 2006
The hand is doing quite better, thank you for asking, but business is busy, which agitates me a bit. See, I have some Fan art I wish to post, but not a lot of time to post it.

I thought Iíd had time yesterday, but I ate my dinner before eight-o-clock and a handful of souls know that suck an action puts me right to sleep. I was groggy and useless last night.

Bleh. Anyway, itís back on schedule for me. Or at least it seems that way. Good thing, too, I need something to get my mind off matter of the home, the heart, and the pocket book. Now, with great enthusiasm, I sleep the sleep of the longing.

Oh, incidentally, Iím pondering the idea of doing some sort of Commissions, and have been working on Prints for Natch Art for a while. Matters of the Pocketbook, as I had said. Still, the idea appeals to me, but I rather wonder if anyone is interested in such things. HmmmÖWell, itís an idea worth pondering, at any rate.

Peace Ouch, hommies.

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