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Wednesday the 25th of October 2006
Woot! My hand is back in working order. Not great shape, but a usable shape, anyway.

For the last week or two, Iíve been copping out and putting up filler comics etc, because my drawing hand has been burning something fierce. Unhappy hand means no drawing, or hardly any anyway.

Bonus, itís the 500th Comic! You know what that means? It means I show Slash without pants. No no. Donít thank me. It was my pleasure. At comic 100, I made a Silent Hill 3 reference when Saff dressed up as heather. At 200, a mosquito gave away money, then robbed the ďThatís What She SaidĒ dude. At 300 we learned to Adore the Kitty, OBEY!!!! And at 400 I hung Sherry upside down for trying to have sex with Saff.

So what do you get for number 500?

Slash Ass. And OOoooo, itís shiny.

K, Iím done and my hands need ot rest now. Laters.

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