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Tuesday the 3rd of October 2006
So I decree. This is the symbol of Natch.

If you read Natch Evil. No no…If you like to read Natch Evil. I dub you a Natchian. A word coined by some of my fans in the House of Sapphire and Blood. Congradulations, guys. You are Natchians, and that spiral up there is your symbol.

Now, I know this is going to sound like some marketing crap, but too bad. I like Spirals and I wanna celebrate Spirals. So, I decree that October 13th is Natchian Spiral Day a celebration of Spirals, Madness, and Natch Evil readers (that would be you, I hope).

How do you celebrate Natchian Spiral Day? Ok, here’s how. One, you must have a Spiral on you during NSD. I’m going to make some buttons with the Natch symbol on it, but you DO NOT HAVE TO wear the Natchian symbol. Any spiral will do.

No, really. Get a piece of paper, draw a spiral on it, and wear it. Hold it. Take your picture with it. Dance around with it. Giggle at it. Make fun of it until it cries.

Two, do one completely random thing. You know, don’t hurt yourself or suddenly stab someone, but it DOES have to seem completely crazy. I recommend something with Peanut butter, because no one thinks of painting with peanut butter. Ooo, walk in the middle of a crowded room and yell “Nail-clippers” at the top of your lungs! Or get a copy of the Wall Street Journal and gloat that you have one, but berate others for copying you. Sure, this all sounds discordian, but really, when was the last time you acted crazy? To quote the immortal Wolf Brand Chilie, “Well, that’s too long.” I don’t care if you just finished smearing guacamole on your new car, it’s TOO LONG!

So, Recap: On October 13th, wear or hold a spiral where others can see it, and do at least one thing completely crazy. And for crying out loud (Ooo, do that too) show a little pride. You’re a Natchian from Natchia.

Peace ouch, yo.

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