The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 27th of September 2006
Yeah, Iím angry. <_< Who wouldnít be. And yeah, Iím bitter, and for good reason. You would be too, if our rolls were reversed. But it changes nothing. The deal still stands. Iím not so foolish as to drop our arrangement for something so small as my pride.

The most rational mind in the world can heat up as quickly as any other. It causes one to lash out at their perceived attackers, or say things they donít mean to express. Pain begets such things and the longer people know each other, the more likely they are to bump into one anotherís feelings. Itís the way of things.

Rather quickly, youíll find, Iíll cool off. Unfortunately, I have a long memory, and will not soon forgive this slight, but Iíll cool off. Once I do, Iíll learn from this, and eventually use it to my advantage. You might find I drop it on you occasionally so you donít forget, either. After two or three years, Iíll have forgotten about it and it wonít matter anymore.

Iím still a little pissed.

Iíll let you know when Iím not anymore.

Know that in the long run, this makes no difference.


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