In the beginning there was a girl named Charletine, a clever girl who met a Satyr at the edge of the abandoned Castle Ronark. The Satyr offered the Castle to the girl as prize to a game of riddles. Charletine, being extraordinarily clever, won and began to wander her newly acquired Castle Charletine.

Not long afterwards, she awakened one of the Ronark Family, Daplow, and evil wizard who imprisoned Charletine and tried to gain control of the castle from her. She, again, being clever used one of the devices of the castle to send out an S.O.S. which would reach the dreams of a boy named Alexture.

From the point Alexture answered by crossing the castle walls in search of Charletine, an adventure unfolded and unfolded and unfolded. It began with his journey to rescue Charletine, and in that course he found a magic boomerang, a flying Sword called Gustwind, and met one of the last of the castleís owners, a girl named Tine, who would mess with his head most of the way.

After the Charletineís rescue, Alexture would leave to wander the land of Randoria, encountering his master, a crazed woman named Wolf, who taught him how to fight. HE would encounter the Shadow Mind and the refugee city of Ran. The Petrified Forest and the marble Princess, the Pandora Company, and Analow a land that Mirrored itself. His stories led on and on and on until he rejoined Charletine to be her king.

Charletine would learn more of the Castle and itís magical history. She would learn of the ancestors, the Paladin Elexia, and what the four corners of the castle left behind. Her roll was downplayed a bit, but she would eventually lead the country of Randoria.

Tine would lead an interesting and varied life, with her twisted sense of humor, but benevolent wit. She would go crazy from frustrations as the Gods played with her, and later she would just leave the world she started in. We forget how, but she would have a daughter and would start her own adventures and so on.

The Mike Says...
Friday the 22nd of September 2006
Experienced some technical difficulties with this one. No worries, it's all fixed.

K, hereís some cool stuff.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my pets purchase, so I made her this. ^_^

I got two Fan arts from the ever talented Seedlet. Here they be.

And finally, I got this interesting, yet cool Comic from Goss Goss. Please note how well Sherry was done.

Thatís it for now. Peace ouch.

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