The Mike Says...
Thursday the 21st of September 2006
Yes, all of the above is true, including putting women to sleep with my voice. Just ask Poet. There has been time after time of lulling her to bed as I infect her with my lethargy. Something about my deep baritone vocals gently tugging at her frequently pierced ears.

You may also ask the few fans that I’ve sung Sinatra to over the Yahoo Chatrooms. Calming noises of “Fly Me to the Moon” as the girls tumble backwards into darkened dreamland, head first dipping into he inky black embrace of slumber.

That and all my comics with Count Duckula were claimed by the hospital I drew them in. Something about the presence of the Guillotine in the stories of a 12 year old didn’t sit right with them for some reasons. Conformists. Only a hand full of sketches, like the one in the comic above, remain.

Sorry for the delay of comic, yo. Peace Ouch.

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