The Mike Says...
Monday the 11th of September 2006
Finally Done with this maze.

Right-, hereís the Rating System and your awards for making it to the end of this maze.

If you Made it here by just browsing to the end or you just got to this comic, you get nothing. Lazy. Start back at the beginning and actually try the maze out.

If you succeeded in navigating the maze to get here, Congratulations! Now start over and try the next goal which isÖ

If you got from the start of the maze to here in FIVE steps, you get the Slash Award! The rest of you may only look at it.

If you got here in NINE steps and you passed the Treasure on the way, you get the Joy Award! Woot to you!

If you got here in ELEVEN steps and youíve seen all eleven rooms, you get the Devil Mike Award! There is nothing more to teach you.

And that concludes the Devil Maze in my Head thingy. Hope you had fun with it. Iím going to get a shower and some stew in me.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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