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Tuesday the 1st of August 2006
I keep thinking things like, is the comic over? Iím so sporadic when it comes to updates that itís making me think ďI this really what I want to do?Ē Which is stupid, of course. Itís what Iíve done for 3 years. Though, itís consistency is a little broken.

Ok, really broken. I mean, at least Iím posting a comic once a week, right? I donít get paid for this, which might be a good thing. ButÖI donno. Even if I stopped posting comics, I wouldnít stop drawing them. The time table would just be a little more sporadic.

The key to a good Web-comic is consistency. As long as youíre consistent, it doesnít much matter how much you suck. Once you get all flakey on the updates, however, thatís kind of like the death toll of a comic.

Natch Evil is ill. Itís got Apath-itis: An inflammation of its authorís apathy. But, I canít be Apathetic if I worry that Iím not updating enough, can I? The hell does it mean?

I donno. I got some thinking to do. Be it known that the updates will be pretty scattered until I get back in the groove of the comic again. Back home. Back to Kansas, Dorothy.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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