The Mike Says...
Friday the 28th of July 2006
Wow, has it really been that long since my last update? I wonder what’s wrong with me?

Oh well, can only focus on solutions, now. Like fixing this table lamp, setting up some good music, maybe a Mountain Dew on the Side. (Mountain Dew, Extreme drink for the lazy artist) I donno.

My whole update schedule has been messed up, and getting the 2005 season of Dr. Who didn’t help…Well, didn’t help the comic. Heh. Bad Wolf. So anyway, I’m trying to get back into gear, I swear. Trying to figure out the formula I used to have when I was updating 3 times a week.

Those were good times. Times when nothing interrupted me. When I made stuff for people that they could wear. When I was actually thinking about putting out a Natch Evil book, or something. When I cared about advertising on Buzzcomix or Bad Blood or something.

Wonder what the hell happened. Hmmm…

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