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Monday the 17th of July 2006
Wow, Long time, no see. Well, youíll see now. Now youíll see, that is. You see, Iíve been on a Vacation, and Damn, I feel good. So good, I decided ot try a little experiment call ďAn Hour.Ē

The concept if pretty fair. I start my Drawing day by Drawing one page in one hour. That included text and scanning and such. Itís like a morning Jog, only Iím not doing it in the morning.

No, Iím not posting it here. Itís a daily thing, so Iím doing it daily, but I have little patience for uploading the Database over and over again, so instead, Iím just putting it onto the Forum. Hereís a link.

Peace ouch, and Welcome back.

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