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Wednesday the 7th of June 2006
RE: Trust

It’s a strange thing, trust. I can think of maybe three people in my life that I trust. I have never betrayed them. Well…I’ll get to that.

The tricky thing about trust is you’re basically telling someone that you trust them as much as they trust you. Kind of like saying “I will do you no harm” to one another. Well, what if you say something that seems incidental to you, but is taken as “Did you do me harm?” instead.

It’s this damn literal mind of mine, getting me into trouble with a good friend, whom I still trust, even if they don’t. To them, it must have been like “Would you do something horrible to me?” which indicates that I don’t trust the friend. I know, we’re talking about ifs and maybes and you-didn’t-mean-it-like-that, but trust is also a matter of perspective. In implying “Did you do my harm” I did them harm. What I think is unimportant, other than how I can make up this breach of their trust.

And that’s a good question. When you make someone feel un-trusted, what can you do? How can you express to them that, yes indeed, you believe anything they’ll say, even if it contradicts others.

I can see now, it was a stupid thing I said. I honestly didn’t think it would hurt them, I was just being my curious self. Maybe if I cut off a body part and sent it to them? Hmm…No that would just freak ‘em out. Hmmm…I guess all I can do is wait for them.

I’ll get their trust again. No matter how long it takes. I’m a patient man, and they’re worth my time.

Peace out, Princess.

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