The Mike Says...
Tuesday the 30th of May 2006
Man, I am truly into Cooking. Itís so easy. Right now, Iím cooking Chicken Stew. WHY HAVE I NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE?

Meanwhile, Iíve noticed my life is allot more busy than it normally is. I mean, I come home, figure I fix some stew and draw while Iím at it, then BOOM, Iím suddenly hosting a sortía dinner party, and I have this weird deadline on the comic. Why for? When did I get to know so many people that it messed with my natural high?

Ah well. The people who show up will have to deal with me in my undies and drawing a comic. Just hope they donít bug me while I do this.

Update: Actually, it wasnít that bad. The stew made things neat, and My sister was jumping around crashing cars, so entertainment was abound. Moo.

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