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Wednesday the 17th of May 2006
You seen those commercials with the PC on one side, portrayed as a nerdy guy with glasses, and the Mac on the other side, portrayed as a hip, cool youngster with his finger on the pulse of the trendy? Why does this remind me of those AOL commercials that advertise that they have the same thing that everyone else has?

You know why Mac doesn’t get as many viruses as Non-Macs? Because not a lot of people use them. Security through obscurity. Note, I’m not calling Non-Macs “PC’s” because that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Macs ARE PC’s. P.C. Personal Computer. The opposite of Personal Computer is Public Computers…Like the ones you see at the Library and Malls.

The other thing about that commercial is they never say anything about Linux. Do they honestly think Microsoft has the only OS for Non-Macs? What about Games, you ask? Um…Non-Mac’s (Personal Computers like Playstations and Nintendo’s, none of which get Viruses) Well, it turns out Windows has billions and billions more games than Mac, because no one has a Mac.

To be fair, my favorite game, Escape Velocity, only exists on the Mac, as far as I know, but the X is basically the next best thing, what with better grafix.

Let’s talk Personal Media, like music and movies. You guys ever heard of WinAmp? Zoom Player? Even Media Player, for those who are really desperate, does the same thing, and it’s all FREE!

So, basically, this commercial offends my intelligence. It basically says, “Hey, you magnificent moron, you, buy our computer cuz’ there’s nothing better. Sure, that’s a lie, but you’re gonna buy it anyway.” As Henry Rollins once said, It feel like they’re spitting on my mind.

I began my computer life on a Mac. Was a Mac man for a long time. Now I hate Mac, because they’re a bunch of stuck up bastards who’s only difference from the rest of the Computer industry is merly how proprietary their hardware is, and they’re faster, yet less efficient processor.

*pant pant pant*

K, I’m done. How you guys do’n?

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