The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 10th of May 2006
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Once again, the almost embarisingly lame Natch Evil with Hats goes on. “How long can this go, Mike?” You may ask. That’s when I slap you and yell “WHAT’S MY NAME?” and you wimper “sh-sh-sho’nuff?” and I’m all like “Damn Straight. I AM the Shogun of Harlum!”

So anyway, there’s a real reason I’m doing this, and I don’t even care if you trust me or not. The idea is solid, plus I really need a lamer segment than the Ups and Downs I did for so long. (See Archive for details). I could’v been worse. I couldv’t just pasted the pictures of hats’ over Saff. Think how THAT would have looked?

Yeah, it’s not a pretty picture. So anyway, just bare with it, cuz I got one more to go before I’m done with this mess.

Peace Ouch, people.

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