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Tuesday the 9th of May 2006
Original comic is here: Link

OK, here’s the deal. My good friend, Chuck, showed me this site here, that’s basically how to make Garfield cartoons funny. It’s easy, really, just take out anything that Garfield says and BOOM! You got a funny comic. Well, the true inspiration came with this comic below, which is an edit of Garfield.


OK, so we got this idea. I need time to maybe put in a back log and, what the hell, I’m lazy, too. How ‘bout I do the same ol’ thing I’ve always done…BUT WITH HATS!

DUDE! I can see it now! I’ll win an Eisner! “What was the inspiration for your ‘Natch Evil W/Hats?” they’ll say when they interview me. “Well,” I’ll say twirling my mustache…or padding my huge fat tummy…I haven’t decided, yet, “I was reading this other forum and…Um…I mean, I’m just naturally brilliant.” Then I’ll eat the interviewer, because I decided I’ll be fat, not with a mustache, and to gain his power, of course. Mmmm…meaty heart.

The point is, Natch Evil, with Hats is Brilliant. BRILIANT!


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