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Thursday the 4th of May 2006
Another fine retort by the ever talented Saffron C. Sativus. Seriously, tho, what the Hell is wrong with schools not allowing a small select hand-fucking-full of words. I swear (and I do), just a random assortment of syllables and people throw a shit-fit and get all bitchy. These myopic cunts teaching our kids today think they’re holding up their own dickless morals, but all they’re doing is showing just what a load of bullocks the system is and how bloody useless school is in the real world.

SO, kids, here’s what I want you to do. I admit, I maybe wrong on some of this, having not been in school for a while, but I think you SHOULDN’T swear. Instead, just say what the words mean.

Example: You can’t say “Fuck.” But you can say “Rape” or “Sexual intercourse.”

Don’t say “Shit,” say “Steaming Sloppy Diarrhea.”

Now “Bitch” means female Dog, but I’d use the word “Abortion” instead. Doesn’t mean the same thing, but still as effective.

Well, you get the idea. And for God’s sake, if you’re going to Swear, have fun. We’re ment to add color to the languge. Great Satan’s Colon, if we can’t curse, at least we can be imaginatively cruel.

Peace ouch, fuckers.

P.S. Um…I’m not sure if it’s a sware word, but just in case…Nigger nigger nigger.

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